August 17, 2006


Long time no see - I have spent a couple of days up north. First working in Sundsvall, then visiting relatives in Hälsingland. My mother grew up in this house, now my aunt and her family lives downstairs and my grandparents upstairs (but now my grandmother was away, picking cloudberries). Anyway, just look at these flowerbeds, gorgeous!

This picture was taken this Sunday evening when my other aunt and uncle came visiting and my aunt who lives in this house (you see, a lot of aunts here, I have four in total) made mince skewers spiced with garlic, chilli and cumin I think and we had a barbecue dinner in the garden. With the skewers we had fresh new potatoes and vegs from the garden and a light yoghurt sauce with lime. For dessert my other aunt brought cherry soup. And on Monday evening my aunt (who is also my godmother) and I cooked together again and created the most delicious prune baclava which I will have to get back to shortly since I forgot to take a picture of it and it was so good. And I made some food shopping too. Stay tuned for more spin-offs from my Hälsingland trip...

Today it is one month to go before the elections and since I both work full time with politics and run for the local elections I am quite busy and very tired. I will try to cook and write as much as possible anyway, one has to do what one can to relax, right?


Steve said...

Your aunt and uncle have done a fantastic job with their house. I'm looking forward to tales of your culinary adventures.

Pille said...

What a lovely house, and a nice reflection of the sun! Good luck with your elections (both of them), and hope you'll have time to blog at least occasionally. I'll be giving up my flat in a fortnight, then go home for 2 weeks and then stay with various friends in Edinburgh for 4-5 weeks before moving home for good, so my cooking & blogging will become more erratic, too.
PS Have got 4 aunties, too - 3 maternal & 1 paternal:)

Tanna said...

That's a lovely "Auntie" house. The BBQ in the garden sounds lovely!
Have a beautiful time.

Anonymous said...






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