August 02, 2006

Five things

Here is a funny little meme which is going around on Swedish blogs. Just felt like writing something and haven´t cooked much in a few days due to back-to-work laziness. Pick it up if you want to!

Five things in my freezer
  • plastic bag filled with smaller plastic bags filled with portion pieces of cabbage pudding. I don´t want to throw it out and I don´t feel like eating it and soon it is too old
  • mushrooms, mushrooms and mushrooms, from two years back. And now it is raining again so we´ll have to deal with all this in some way
  • two portion pizzas (emergency food)
  • Estonian rye bread
  • mango sorbet
Five things in my walk-in closet
  • Our traditional costumes (my man has one too)
  • Electric tools
  • Toilet and kitchen rolls
  • One of my two sewing machines (anyone want the other?)
  • Boots for nordic skiing and long-distance skating, one set each for both of us

Five things in my car

  • Tourist information on Latvia and Estonia
  • Picnic blanket
  • Rubber boots, one set each (for spontaneous mushroom picking)
  • A jar of Latvian pickled cucumber (until yesterday, when I remembered it and brought it with me)
  • Plastic bottles we have forgotten to recycle
Five things in my purse
  • Pocket book, right now a crime novel. I never go anywhere without something to read
  • A give-away pencil from the Swedish social democrats, not at all my choice but it is quite good
  • Small umbrella (but don´t think I never remove it and forget it when it is most needed!)
  • Latvian wet tissues, smells like after shave
  • Sadly not my key card to work. Before vacations I hid it somewhere and now I cannot find it for the life of me. I will have to write to one of those "psycic" ladies in one of my mother-in-law´s Women´s magazines and ask if they can "see" where it is.


Pene said...

What make of sewing machine is it & how old? Does it work & how much do you want for it? I have a Bernina, but a friend who lives near me wants to learn how to sew & might be interested.

It was great to meet you & Anne on Saturday. Thank you so much for sharing a couple of hours with me & Erik. I'm looking forward to making some Swedish cookies from my new cook book in my new mixing bowls. I hope that you enjoy the Estonian & Latvian chocolate.

And the weather was great all weekend. Send the rain toward Estonia. It is needed here. Pene

Clivia said...

Pene, it is a Husqvarna but it is very old and bad so I think your friend would be better off without it!
So great to meet you both, and I am so glad the weather was fine. Now it is rainy and gloomy but actually it is rather nice with a change. In the evenings I enjoy TV, crosswords and the sparkling chocolate which I really like! Haven´t tasted the other yet... Clivia

Pene said...

It has been raining all day here but it was needed. I had a great day with friends visiting a couple of farms (sheep & bison) near Rakvere.

You'll like the Kalev chocolate as well.