November 28, 2005

Belgian cookies and more

Yesterday I returned from Brussels where I spent a wonderful weekend with my dear man. Well, I had some colleagues who just had been to Brussels and came home gushing about the glorious weather - cold and crisp and sunny. Of course the rain was pouring down when we arrived to Charleroi airport after a rather dull Ryanair flight, but Brussels have much to offer someone tired and wet and cold. We crawled into a cosy beer café and had a beer and sandwich before bedtime at the hotel at Boul. Anspach. The day after it was OK, but very cold and then we jumped into the Dandoy bakery right behind Grand Place where I ordered the cookies above and tea for only 4 euros, very good value I think. I am not a big cookie fan, but wanted to have a taste of these specialties and was delighted! The best one was the small one with a nut on top to the right but everything was very tasty. I liked the speculoos but they were very like our Swedish gingerbread, only thicker and more crumbly. Another favourite was a tiny cookie with earl grey leaves in, totally delicious and not too sweet. They also had a nice little shop.

I have had some tips on Brussels foodie places but the weather was so lousy Saturday so we didn´t feel like walking around so I stuck to my old favourite places, conveniently located next to each other in Rue des herbes. The wonderful coffee and chocolate shop Café Tasse and La maison du miel where they have all things honey. I bought lavender and chestnut honey and what I bought in Café Tasse shall remain a secret because some people will read this.

... and of course we hade mussels, at least I did. And lobster, and lobster bisque. And we drank some fine beers of course. Unfortunately no crème brulée came in my way this time but I will compensate this next time I go to the best town. But first it is time for christmas, I am already obsessed with recipes and ingredients!


maarten said...

Nice to hear that you enjoyed Brussels that well!


Clivia said...

Yes I love Brussels, that town has something special! Thank you for many tips in the forum - such a pity the weather was so lousy so I stuck to the things I already knew this time. But I will return!

maarten said...

Next time you should ask for tips earlier :-) than I might translate the whole article, and not just the adresses :-)

too bad absoluut zweeds 'absolute swedish' went broke in antwerp.

Clivia said...

absolute who?

maarten said...

absolute swedish was the restaurant of Christer Elfving, who was born in Sweden, but moved whenever it was to Antwerp. He created a new Swedish-influenced kitchen here.

Anonymous said...

What are the names of the cookies on the plate and do you have reipes. I have one for Speculaas?