November 22, 2005

Jerusalem artichokes

Now take a look at these! My boyfriend dug them up last thursday in his mother´s garden and weighed them to 2.3 kiloes. We haven´t planted any this year, but last year, so these have had the cance to grow all year until now. If you have a garden of your own or can borrow a piece of someon else´s - try to grow your own! It is so easy. Just put them in the earth in spring, and harvest them as late as possible. Bear in mind that the plants become very big, so don´t put them in front of the pretty flowers!

Jerusalem artichokes, or jordärtskockor as we call them, are one of my favourite root vegetables. I love that you can make so many different things with them, I love the taste and texture and the way they just taste good in your mouth for a long time after you swallowed! It is the same thing with "ordinary" artichokes I think.

What we will do with this lot (probably both soups and gratins and pies and...) remains to be seen (and tasted) but whatever comes out, I look forward to it!


Viktoria Schiöler said...

It sounds wonderful to dig up your own Jerusalem artichokes - I just love it! (But why doo they have such a strange English name? Do they come from Jerusalem?)

Clivia said...

I agree, the name is really strange! Perhabs someone else could enlighten us?