November 02, 2005

Estonian pasta sauce

We often go to Estonia for holidays, which may seem like an odd destination. Mostly people go there just for a cruise to Tallinn but there is so much more to experience!Fantastic landscape, interesting history and long, white deserted beaches... That the prices are so low is an extra benefit!

Last summer my boyfriend and I made a trip to the big Estonian island Saaremaa on a very very hot day. When we got off the ferry and stopped the car in the countryside it was all quiet, you could only hear some bees and birds and in the hot air was the delicious scent of dry hay. We drove to the town Kurressaare and had lunch at a small restaurant with tables outside, this pasta sauce which today can be found in my lunch box. The estonian in this sauce, I think, is the salted cucumbers, a staple in all Estonian kitchens! Nice in sauces, in wedges with beer...

200-300 grams smoked ham in small pieces
2-3 salted cucumbers in small pieces
vegetables of your choice: tomato (seed them), corn, peppers... also in small pieces
chopped onion
2-3 tbsp flour
about 1 cup of thin cream or milk

Fry the ham and the onion. powder over the flour and stir. Pour in the milk or cream a little at a time and let simmer so it thickens. Add the cucumber and the veggies and let simmer for some minutes. Spice with salt and pepper. Serve with pasta. Serves 2-3 persons.

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Pille said...

Hi Kristina, thank you for popping by at my blog as now i've found yours:)
I'll be sure to come back soon!
PS Did you see my post about pickled cucumbers back in August? These are very big in Estonia indeed:)