November 08, 2005


I have had lunch again! Oh, happiness. Yesterday was poor, at least dinner-like and I was starving. On Tuesdays in Old Town you should go to the restaurant Magnus Ladulås to get your lunch, because then they always serve Wallenberg mince beef with mashed potato, creamy sauce, green peas and lingonberry jam. This Swedish specialty was created in the 1930´s I think and is kind of a luxury mince beef with extra high quality meat, cream and eggs and so on. The sauce has an almost toffee-like taste, simply delicious. Not low-fat but sometime you just have to let go! I think I am a healthy eater in general and can treat myself to an occasional Wallenbergare when I feel like it.

Magnus Ladulås is a very nice and cosy restaurant in an old building in Old Town, Österlånggatan 26, quite close to the royal castle. The name Magnus Ladulås comes from an old Swedish king, his reign was 1275-1290.

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