November 03, 2005

Best lunch in town!

I just had lunch at the restaurant in the Post museum here in Old Town, Stockholm. If you ever come to Stockholm and want a really really good lunch, this is the place to go!

For 79 SEK you get the salad buffé with all goodies imaginable. Beetroots, broccoli, different kinds of beans, lentils, lettuce, olives, wine leaf dolmadas and the usual cucumber, corn and tomatoes. My favourite is the haricots verts, perfectly cooked and spiced with rose pepper. Today they also had big white beans with fresh mint. But it doesn´t stop there. The 79 also includes all you can eat of a delicious main course, today mince beefs with potato wedges and red wine sauce, water to drink and coffee and a small cookie afterwards. They also have soup and some different pies to choose from. On weekends they have a special menu.

Everything is always, always delicious and they often serve classical Swedish food. I heartly recommend it!

Restaurant Treskillingen
Lilla Nygatan 6
Old Town Stockholm
Open 11-16 Tue-Sun

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Lisa said...

Oh, that place is gorgeous! glad you reminded me.Used to eat there a lor when I worked only a few blocks away. See you there!