November 04, 2005

Warm chicken salad

Many years ago a good friend made this dish up for me an evening when I was tired and hungry. The recipe is really easy, just take an equal amount of the three main ingredients. It should be served with a nice bread but the shop didn´t have any (poor!) tonight so I added some creme fraiche to make it "saucy" and served it with unpeeled rice. I´m into grains and rices and stuff right now and tries out new things all the time. Last sunday wild rice, wednesday quinoa (fantastic taste but I still don´t have any good ideas on what to do with it. Anyone?) and today the unpeeled.

So, the recipe:
Chicken meat, I used fillets I cooked in the oven a couple of days ago. (You can use grilled chicken but I think it is too spicy for this dish. The pure taste of chicken combined with the other ingredients gives it a special character)
Mushrooms, I used ordinary champignons but you can use any firm mushroom with mild taste
Parsley, a lot of it, coarsly chopped. In this dish the parsley is a main ingredient and not "just" a spice
Salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar

Cut the chicken (raw or cooked) in bite size chunks and fry them in a pan. Salt and pepper! After a little while, add the mushrooms in big chunks and keep on frying. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar which accentuates the taste of the mushrooms in a great way. When the chicken is ready and the mushrooms just starts to soften (they should have some crunch left when you eat them!) you stir in the parsley, salt and pepper to taste and serve immediately with some good, fresh bread - or stir in some cream and serve it with pasta or rice.

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