November 08, 2005

A box traveller

My parcel for BBM3 is now ready to go, after a couple of weeks of recipe-writing, baking, thinking and shopping. Here it is on its way to the post office.

Bye-bye little parcel, and good luck on your long journey to...someone... I hope the lussekatt doesn´t get too old and the jar with lingonbery jam doesn´t break.

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Ana said...

Hi Kristina

The package arrived today. The Canadian Post Office left it at my doorstep during the day and it was waiting for me when I arrived from work. It rained all day so the box was all wet but everything inside was dry (postcards, flyer from your grocery store, your letter, the cookies) all was fine.

I could hardly wait to take a picture and taste the nut tops. They are great. And the lingonberry jam jar did not break. It is now 11:00 in the evening so I'll try the jam tomorrow with my breakfast.

Thanks very much. It was a beautiful package and I loved reading about you and your Christmas traditions.

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