October 31, 2005

Renskav for lunch

Finally I managed to get some pictures here! This one is from our lunch festival last week, doesn´t it look cosy?

Anyway, down to the left you see a plastic box with renskav stew. Renskav is small flakes of reindeer meat and you buy it frozen. It is really easy to cook, very tender and lean and has a good, strong taste, if you like game, that is. I do!

The stew on the picture is not my stew, and the picture is not from today´s lunch, but here´s what I made yesterday for sunday dinner and brought today... This is a rather classical way to cook renskav, but I think I will try to do it à la provencale next time, with dried tomatoes to balance the strong taste of the meat.

1 package of renskav, 240 grams
2-3 shallots or one small onion, chopped
1 carrot, sliced
2-3 dl cream or creme fraiche
4 crushed dried juniper berries
salt and pepper
soy sauce

Fry the meat in a pan with as little fat as possible. Add the onions and the carrots in the pan and let it cook a little. Pour over the cream, throw in the juniper and other spices and let simmer for some minutes. Season with more pepper and a little soy sauce if necessary.

I served the renskav with lingonberry jam and wild rice mixed with plain rice. I have never had wild rice before and was a little disappointed actually because it didn´t taste very much at all. But the texture was nice, and it was beutiful!

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