October 21, 2005

Mango yoghurt

Sometimes I crave fruit yoghurt but I also find the brands sold here far too sweet. Putting home made jam in the youghurt is very delicious but also to sweet to eat every day for breakfast. Now I have found a solution to this problem!
My colleague Stina is a great fan of dried mango and has even started a mango factory in the small west african country Burkina Faso. Last week I bought some dried mango in the Burkina Faso boutique here in old town of Stockholm. They had three different kinds from sour to sweet and I chose the medium one. The products contains no added sugar so I guess they dry three kinds of mango. Stina told me a while ago how to make your own mango yoghurt and yesterday I decided to try it out because I had some plain yoghurt on hand. It turned out delicious! And even more delicious because the mango comes from a small scale factory where the workers are properly paid and treated.

Mango youghurt, serves one
2 dl, about 3/4 cup of plain yoghurt - you can choose a light version if you want
1-2 slices of dried mango

Before you go to bed, take your favorite breakfast bowl and pour in the youghurt. Chop the mango or use a pair of scissors and stir it in. I also added some dried papaya I bought in Copenhagen last summer, rock hard by now... Cover the bowl and put in the fridge over night and enjoy it in the morning. Wonderful, pure mango taste, and the papaya was chewable again and very tasty. I now see immense possibilities to use other kinds of dried fruit in the same way, and to experiment with other kinds of yoghurts, like vanilla. And I will also try it out with the swedish filmjölk.

Thank you Stina!

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Anne said...

Hi Kristina! Oh, a new Swedish food blog! Welcome to the wonderful food blog world ;) I look forward to reading your posts!