October 17, 2005


yesterday I signed up to participate in the Blog By Mail session and now I have serious problems to concentrate on work. Who will it be? From where? What will I send? A lussekatt maybe? But will it stay fresh for a long journey in a parcel? My local paper is in swedish. Can I send the food section from it anyway? Yes. (But I will translate some of it, promise). And why is it so expensive to send parcels abroad? Doesn´t the swedish postal authorities want to support international relations of this kind? Well well, I´m sure it´s well worth it.

Last sunday night I cooked big time - a casserole of beef in dill sauce, very swedish. Took ages. And beetroot soup. Took ages (to cut all the beetroots, then it was OK). After all my efforts yesterday with the food blog I just made some potato wedges in the oven, ordinary and sweet potatoes. To accompany that some different things; first a mix of smoked salmon, creme fraiche, horseradish and diced apple. Then a good mushroom stew with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Then a fetta cheese dip. And some ham. And afterwards the gateau au yaourt that I found on chocolate and zucchini last week. My boyfriend was very pleased with it all!

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Kala said...

I can tell you from experience, parcel to Sweden from Hawai'i is also a bit pricey - 54 SEK for simply a calendar, but it really is worth the cost - I recently sent some Hawaiian Kona Coffee to a friend in Stockholm of which the shipping cost was the same price as the coffee - I feel the cost is worth the joy that is received on the other end... Kona Coffee is quite delicious - so I'm told. :P