October 25, 2005

Lunch festival!

At work, we are quite a few who likes to cook and often bring our own food for lunch. And we are always curious about what the others bring! "What is that, what´s in it, where did you buy that, how did you make it? And can I have the recipe?" The outcome of this curiosity is our regular lunch festival, when we all bring an extra big serving of our lunch food and everyone gets a chance to taste everything. And today was LF-day, hence the panna cotta. Yes, I know a panna cotta maybe not qualifies as "lunch food" but someone has got to bring the dessert....

And this was on the table today, enjoyed by twelve eager and hungry employees:
  • Thai soup
  • Fish soup
  • Fresh bread
  • Pasta salad with rocket and halloumi cheese
  • A fry-up with mince, cabbage, onions, carrots spiced with garlic and cardamom
  • Smoked salmon and spinach lasagna
  • Meat stew with reindeer "flakes", onion, carrots spiced with juniper berries
  • Oven baked salmon with a cabbage salad spiced with mustard and steamed beetroots
  • Dried mango
  • Chocolate coated coffee beans (yes, you can contribute with everything)
  • And my panna cotta

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