October 28, 2005


I have discovered a truly fulfilling and very comforting form of shopping. Not clothes (oh, no!), not shoes, not handbags. But food stuff! And my favorite place to get this is Hötorgshallen in the city of Stockholm. Hötorget is a market square where you can get vegetables and flowers for a reasonable price, at least if you come there 15 minutes before they close down! Hötorgshallen is in the basement of a side building to the square and full of marvellous things. Meats, fish, vegetables, spices, fruit, desserts... I was there today in quest for the wonderful dried strawberries I found there some weeks ago, but came out with a bag of organic quinoa instead. Never tried it! A month ago I was there and came out with a load of different stuff - wild rice, unpeeled rice, green raisins, the strawberries and a large plastic bag with sundried tomatoes for only 40 kronor (about 5 USD). So now I have to find out what to do with all this, so we can finish it and I can go to Hötorgshallen again. The unpeeled rice will go very nice with the green raisins and some roast chicken in a salad I think... But the quinoa? I wonder if I can make stuffed peppers with it?

So: if you ever come to Stockholm don´t miss Hötorgshallen! They have absolutely everything you need for any kind of cuisine - especially Clivia´s!

Now my boyfriend wants me to write that he is grating horse radish in a little plastic box and bringing it to a friend´s summer house tomorrow to use in a pasta sauce with salmon. Just so you know.

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