October 24, 2005

Tasty chicks

During the last weeks I have cooked swedish, swedish, swedish. And nothing wrong with that! Yesterday, though, I read an article about vegetables with strong colours, and nuts, and peas and beans, and how healthy it is. Got inspired, and surprised my boyfriend with this:

Chick peas and chicken

1 jar of chick peas
1 small jar of corn
one small chopped onion
4-5 sundried tomatoes, soaked in hot water and chopped
a handful of cashew nuts
1 egg, should have been two but my supplies run out
a splash of lime juice

2 chicken fillets
oil, salt and lemon pepper

Warm the oven to 180. Spice up the fillets and put in something ovenproof with a little oil on the bottom. They cook in 25-30 minutes. This time I wanted the chicken quite neutral, but next time I may use something stronger than pepper. Fry the onions for a little while (optional, but my boyfriend has problems with onions and I wanted to make them a little milder. He also cannot eat garlic, otherwise it would have been great to use some I think.) Put all the ingredients including the onions in a food processor and mix it. Take walnut sized scoops of the mix and make small beefs. Yes, I tried to make big ones and no, they weren´t easy to handle. Fry them on both sides in as little oil as possible. Serve with the chicken, mango chutney and some avocado. I also roasted some cashew nuts and sesame seeds to add extra healthiness! Over all a sunday success. The chicken was juicy, the beefs were crisp and the taste was great.

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