October 20, 2005

Head stew

Oh, this day...

1 head (haricolour optional, I use a curly brown one)
5 colleagues shouting, laughing and whooping right behind you
4 papers to get copied
150 times and put into
100 envelopes
1 text to be printed on
800 postcards and then put
800 address labels on the postcards
800 addresses missing from the place where they should have been
1 pair of jeans to be picked up from a clothes store
15 children to teach swedish folkdancing and because of that you have to leave 16.30 sharp

Take the head and mix all the other ingredients in it. The head should soon begin to boil and the teeth start to grind. Take the head on the subway to Stockholm city and pick up the jeans from the stew. Forget about them. Then take the head to the wonderful café In ´n out at Hötorget and add a great Ceasar wrap to the stew, and a glossy magazine. The boiling now diminishes. Then take the head to a music store and buy a headset. Back by your desk attach the headset to the head and let simmer with a good CD for a while to cut out some of the whooping. Add the charming child of a returning colleague. The head is now completely cooled off. Enjoy!

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