October 26, 2005

Hello winter. hello cold

The Stockholmian transport system is really interesting I must say. You see, we live in a country where it gets rather cold in winter. Here, the leaves fall off the trees onto the commuter train rails. Here we have snow and ice. Every year! But the traffic planners seem not to notice these consistent weather conditions and here we go again. With leaves on the rail the wheels of the commuter trains is damaged in some way and has to be fixed. And then the commuter trains get shorter, and more crowded, and you get in close touch with fellow travellers and bring a nice little cold home, like I did yesterday. Sore throat, runny nose.

And later on when the real winter kicks in the trains often doesn´t work at all, and you find yourself standing on the platform in a howling icy wind with snow in your shoes for an indefinite amount of time. And voilá - hello again you cold.

A very tasty way of dealing with a cold is to drink an infusion of fresh ginger, whole lemon wedges (use an ecological!), honey and hot water. And if you don´t have ginger, lemons etc. at home try to gargle your poor throat with whisky. Not so tasty, but efficient.

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