October 31, 2005


Yesterday I read an article in Dagens Nyheter, the largest morning paper here, about the - what I thought - great Swedish investigation osthyvel, cheese slicer. Turned out it is in fact a Norwegian invention! I had absolutely no idea, and the article also said that almost every Swedish citizen is certain that their dear osthyvel is all together Swedish! It also said that the Swedish are big consumers of hard cheese, 13 kilos per person and year. And to slice all our lovely cheese, from the mild Herrgårdsost to the almost parmesan-like Västerbottenost we need this very practical tool. Of course I found the best picture in the Norwegian Wikipedia!

The cheese slicer is also indispensable for slicing cabbage for a cole slaw, cucumber for a salad, almond paste and nougat for.... well, if you feel like eating a slice. That could happen, you know. I have three or four cheese slicers at home and use them several times a day.

Thank you Norway!

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