January 22, 2006

All about my cookbooks

And here is my second meme ever, about cookbooks (Anne tagged me for this one)...

1. How many cookbooks do you own?
38. But A also owns a few so the total cookbook amount in the house should be around - 45?

2. Which cookbook is the one you bought most recently?
I have bought three cookbooks in three weeks and want to mention them all. First I found a special issue of InStyle at the Nwesagent´s, Parties. Glossy, thick and beautiful beutiful pictures. Irresistible! I bought it right away and has found quite a few interesting recipes inside, too.
Then I got a gift card and bought a wonderful breadbook, Brödglädje, that means Joy of Bread in English. It is published by the former Swedish state church and mixes stories and thoughts on the meaning and importance of bread with recipes from ordinary people around Sweden. I love the personal touch with notes as "My mother got this recipe from a friend 1948" and such. All the breads has rather crazy names so in the contents register it is not easy to find what you are looking for! You just have to leaf it through and follow your instincts...
The last one I bought is Nigella´s Feast, but in Swedish. And oh, it is wonderful. I can´t believe I haven´t got any of her books before. But that has to do with her TV show. You see, I just didn´t like her cooking with her hair hanging about like that. Silly? Maybe, but I kept wondering how much hair got into the food - something I can´t stand myself...yuk... But other foodbloggers got me interested in her book´s and here we go, another fan of Nigella´s!

3. Which cookbook is the one you read most recently?
Nigella´s Feast is on my bedside table and I read it every night and plan for all the parties I am going to throw... I am even planning to make yellow pea soup, something I never learned to like. But her recipe is so tempting!

4. Name five cookbooks which mean a lot to you
First of all Annas mat (mat means food in Swedish) by Anna Bergenström, my food guru above all. She is one of Sweden´s most famous food journalists and her recipes are so great. I have never ever failed anything I tried from her books and I love the way she writes
Bonniers stora kokbok is a classic and I got the new edition from my aunt B a couple of years ago. It became quickly our favourite. Informative, educational, modern, wonderful pictures and great recipes!
Then another one of Anna´s books, Annas sparmat (spar means save) which I got hold of as a student in Lund University many years ago. When I came there 1993 I barely knew how to cook. I used to bring water to a boil and then throw in three-minute macaroni. At the same time I put some frozen meatballs on a plate, put it in the microwave and set the timer for three minutes. When the micro was ready, my macaroni was ready. Practical! But sooo boring. This book put an end to this misery and I still often use it.
Sju sorters kakor (seven kinds of cookies) is a Swedish classic and is now also available in English. I got hold of a copy which has helped me tremendously these past months with the cup measures... This book is all you need to feed your visitors a proper fika with the right things on the table. My Swedish copy is indispensable for me who never can learn a sweet recipe by heart.
For the last one I choose Husmoderns kokbok (the housewife´s cookbook) "utarbetad av Kerstin Wenström". I found it on a flea market in november and bought it because it is so beatiful and because it was published in 1925 when my grandmother was born. I don´t know how much I am going to use it but it is fun to own it!

... and "bubbling" just outside this top five is Nigella, Astrids mat by Astrid Nilson (but it is not mine, it belongs to the other person in this household though we read it and use it both very much), Jamie Oliver and some other stuff...

Before I return to the couch this very cold -10 Sunday (yes, I have been outside walking and having fresh air, don´t you worry) I want to tag Pille of Nami-nami, Zoubida of Kitchen culture and the Swedish-writing Kinna of Mormors mat for this fun meme. You go, girls, I want to know all about your cookbooks!


Ivonne said...

Great cookbook list!

Keep on buying them ...

Clivia said...

Hmm, how will I get room for them all? I think I will stay out of it for a while - but there are good food magazines too!