January 11, 2006

Comfort in a box

I am tired, I am uninspired at work, I have loads of boring things to do, the snow is suddenly melting away and my feet are cold and wet. Financial status? Don´t ask. Often January is like this, but this year I finally got something to really help me out! Today, you see, I picked up my great box of comfort, kindly and carefully put together by Celia of English Patis. EBBP3, hosted by The Passionate Cook Johanna with the theme Comfort me was the reason why this Wednesday became a lovely Wednesday. This is what I got:

  • Ingredients for a "melting" chocolate pudding - high quality organic chocolate, flour, sugar and ground almonds. A insisted on me opening the chocolate bar at once and I let him have a small small bit of it. The rest is for the chocolate pudding I will make for some friends!
  • A copy of the magazine Olive, which contains the recipe for the pudding and of course loads of other interesting things. I love food magazines, and actually have flicked through this issue of Olive but didn´t treat me to it. How lucky!
  • Some green tea with strawberries, looks very good!
  • Instant miso soup, which I also love
  • A large bag of crisps with sweet chilli taste - truly comfort food for me!

I can´t thank you enough for all this! Everything was perfect and the theme was really really perfect too this dreadful month. Now if you excuse me I will return to the couch, flicking through my glossy magazine and nibbling on one or two of those crisps....


johanna said...

hi kristina, i am glad you're enjoying your parcel so much... if you look closely, you'll find a small article (more like a particle, actually) on the 5 best food blogs - featuring some people you're well familiar with... have a look!

Clivia said...

Yes, as a matter of fact that particle caught my eye... Congratulations!

Pille said...

Hi Clivia - those sweet chilly flavour crisps are totally addictive - you've been warned!!!
I got a delicious comfort box from Greece myself this morning, so very happy day here, too.

Dagmar said...

What a lovely parcel! Actually Celia was the receiver of my parcel that I sent (she received it yesterday so I'm not revealing myself with this comment). I received mine today and it made me very very happy. Isn't blogging by mail just wonderful?!

Clivia said...

I really think that blogging by mail and the whole food blogging community should be a serious candidate for the Nobel Peace prize! Just think about all the cultural understanding and exchange we create! And everyone is always so nice. Make food, not war!
Now I am looking forward to receiving my swap partner for BBM4, am expecting an e-mail from the Food Ninja this weekend...

celia kusinera said...

You're much welcome Clivia. Glad you liked them. :)
Do tell me how those choc puddings turn out so I'll know if I should make that version or the other one I have. Now I didn't see that section about bloggers ... let me comb that mag again.

Clivia said...

I finished reading Olive this weekend and am going to try not only the chocolate pudding but several other recipes as well. There was quite a few tempting ones! This magazine was really good and I will look for the next issue at the newsagent´s here in Stockholm

Anonymous said...






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