January 15, 2006

Leek and chicken

Well, I gave myself a challenge this month - don´t buy any food you don´t need. Absolutely nothing for the cupboards, preferably nothing for the freezer. Only milk products and veggies. And use all leftovers. That was my challenge. And how it goes? So-so.

Today I had a lemon that was beginning to feel a little dry, so I had to do something with it. The solution came with one of my favourite food bloggers, Rachael of Fresh approach cooking who wrote very tempting about lemon-braised leeks some days ago. I went ahead, following her recipe and adjusting it by roasting some chicken drumsticks on top of the leeks, which came out very tasty as you can see in the picture. But I don´t know if I follow my challenge if I buy 1000 grams of chicken drumsticks and one giant leek to get rid of one lemon? Anyway, it was very good and I will definitely make it again! The smell in the kitchen was just wonderful!

I have a very busy week but will try to post some things anyway - among other things I have been tagged for a meme, for the very first time!


Pille said...

Hi Kristina - wonderful plan! I have so often promised myself that I will not buy more food (apart from milk etc) and try to clear up my cupboards, but so far haven't been very successful. You've just reminded me again - thanks:)

Zoubida said...

This dish sounds really nice. Your challenge of not buying for the pantry is quite something. I don't think I'd succeed at that one. But let's see... I have lemon, chicken, leeks... I think I can do this today. You just inspired our evening meal.

Clivia said...

I still have so much in my cupboards and freezer so I could extend my challenge to February! Maybe I will, because it really is good for your wallet and imagination...I just have to systemize it in some way because now I tend to cook potatoes potatoes potatoes just because I dread to start on the rice/pasta/quinoa/polenta/tons of tins cupboard... Every time I open it a giant tin of ravioli catches my eye, and tinned ravioli is really...ahem, difficult for me to like. The ravioli is standing on top of another giant tin of fruit cocktail which also feels incredibly boring to serve. Sailing boat leftovers! Oh dear.

Kinna said...

Hi there!
We have decided to try to empty freezer and cupboards as well. They are filled with berries (from last summer) and small jars filled with all kinds of stuff. I'll let you know how we are proceeding. Just started on sunday.
Take care!