January 04, 2006

Fresh cheese lasagna

The battery is out on our camera, otherwise you would have been able to see a fine shot of the delicious lasagna I made today. It feels like ages since I cooked something "ordinary" and while I was at it I also made some bread. It is now January and I am not permitted (by myself) to buy anything for my kitchen cupboards. This is leftovers month and today my most urgent leftover was fresh cheese. I like to make fresh cheese when I make dinner for people and for New Year´s I made two batches which really was too much. This is my easy-peasy recipe.

Pour some (1000 ml is a good measure) plain youghurt (should not be any light version) in a skillet. If you want to make it more luxorious you can also stir in some creme fraiche. If you are Swedish, try it with filmjölk. Then warm the youghurt until it starts to "split up", I don´t know the correct English term but you will understand what I mean when you see it. Pour the youghurt in a large coffee filter to drain off for a couple of hours in the fridge, and then mix it in a bowl with salt, pepper and whatever other things you could think of. Chives is very very good, also walnuts, grated horse radish, sundried tomato... Use your imagination! Serve it with fresh bread.

Anyway, making cheese of 2 litres was really too much and today I found myself stranded with a whole unused batch of it. What to do? Yes, I stirred it with a little creme fraiche to make it more easy to handle, and layered it with meat sauce and lasagna, instead of the ordinary white cheese sauce. I had to buy lasagna plates but used fresh soft ones and hence escaped my own rule to not buy pasta for the cupboards... The lasagna was excellent and I will definitely substitute the fatty cheese sauce again.


Zoubida said...

Hi Clivia,
That's an excellent idea! And the lasagna was certainly lighter than the classic one.

Anonymous said...

Heavy stuff!