January 09, 2006

Wireless useless

Last week A bought a wireless router so we don´t have to have a cable rolling around through the flat. That´s the good news. The bad news: it doesn´t work. At least not always, and since yesterday not at all. Humph. So I am sorry but I cannot write so much and don´t publish photos as much as I would like to at the moment but we (he) is working on it.

A small report though: I have sent off an EBBM3 package to someone and is eagerly waiting for the one (hopefully) on its way here. I have been at my parent´s again and had a lovely time and of course lovely food. My brother christmas-presented me with the most wonderful basket from a new shop and café in my home town called Arabusta. I have never been there myself but surely will have to pay them a visit next time I go home. I will write separately about the basket but among many other things I got some fine lemon olive oil and they have such a good contact with the producer they could tell my brother that this in fact was one of the last bottles because now they were definitely out of lemons! That is the kind of information I like to get about the produce I use!

I am also reading one of my christmas books (gift from my father), the one by Mireille Giuliano about why French women don´t get fat and I really enjoy it even if I am not having problems with my weight. Good tips about how to eat, nice recipes and really good writing also!


Anne said...

Oh, let me know if you need help with that wireless. Husband is good with that stuff.

Pille said...

I've got that book about French women, too, and really enjoyed reading it!

Zoubida said...

Computer problems are such a pain are they?! Sorry you have to deal with it.
French women do get fat... I mean I didn't notice they are thinner than any other european country woman. Now I'm curious... I have to read that book.

Clivia said...

Thank you Anne, I´ll keep that in mind! Right now we have our good ol´reliable cable again. Hurrah! It is working!

Zoubida, do read the book! It is very interesting and gives some sensible and comforting advice for every woman (such as that you don´t have to go to the gym if you don´t want to. Yay! And that no woman should have to stop eating chocolate.) But of course you can never generalize, we are all different... There are some great recipes inside, too. How about champagne chicken?

Kinna said...

Hi, I will also try to get hold of the book. My experience from frenchs woman (lived in Paris for 5 years) is that they eat very little and are on diet all the time. Pity because food in france is such a joy.

By the way, thanks for your comment on my page. I will try to update my linklist an add your link. Have plenty of foreign friends who visit my page even though I write in swedish.
Take care!

Clivia said...

We have a really interesting discussion going on here now! This book is in fact very adapted to an American "audience" and the author seems to think that in comparison most French women are thinner than most American women. Anyway, it is well worth reading!

Kinna, thank you! I will link you too next time I am doing some "office work" on the blog.