January 05, 2006

Hoki baked with tapenade

I am continuing on the leftovers from New Year´s and today I had some tapenade to take care of. It is home made and I only used it for some crostini so I had almost the whole batch left, which I just couldn´t throw away. Tomorrow we are going to my parents so I had to do something rather urgently. The solution was to spread the tapenade over some hoki fillets I bought today. (In the recipes I found you are supposed to use cod, but I don´t want to buy cod since it is a threatened fish at least here. Hoki is a similar fish, mine was frozen and imported from New Zealand which is kind of a long way to go for frozen fish... Sometimes it is so hard to try to be good to the environment...)

Anyway, it turned out delicious and I also get all for myself since I am the only one in this houshold eating garlic. If you ever have some leftover tapenade and a nice fish fillet - try it! Just put the fish in an ovenproof dish, spread over the tapenade and bake in oven until the fish is done - in this case about 20 minutes in 200C. I served it with brown rice and tomato, but when I bring it to work in my lunchbox I will try to make some salad with haricots verts and rosé pepper, which I think will be very tasty. I delighted myself by putting four bags of lasagna portions and three boxes with tapenade fish and rice in the freezer. I like to bring my own lunch to work and save my money for really good lunches once a week...

Still no batteries in the camera, but the tapenade fish is not anything to see anyway. Frankly, it is rather ugly! But you should try it anyway.


Lisa said...

Hej! Fin blogg! Länkar bara till svenska bloggar, men ska nämna den här!

Clivia said...

Tack också för påpekandet om ansjovisen, hade faktiskt ingen aning. Det är en djungel dessa råvaror... Men roligt och utmanande att ägna sig åt!